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Article Submission: Step 3

Article Submission: Step 3 – Finalizing Your Submission Criteria

In order for Young Scientist to properly credit you as an author, please make sure you have the following information ready:

  • Your name, mailing address, and email address,
  • The email addresses of your co-authors,
  • The name and address of your high school (if applicable, you may list a secondary school/program if that is how you were involved at Vanderbilt like SSMV, REHSS, etc…),
  • The full title of your article, AND
  • One of your high resolution images that you created to use as your Table of Contents thumbnail image,
    • Just take one of your previous figure files, copy it, rename it as lastname_thumbnail.jpg at the same high resolution you achieved in Step 2.

Got everything? Below is a checklist to ensure you are ready to submit!

  1. Your article (lastname_article.doc or .docx),
  2. Your figures (lastname_figure01_large.jpg, lastname_figure02_large.jpg, etc…),
  3. Supplemental information – if applicable (lastname_supplemental01_large.jpg, lastname_supplemental02.doc or .docx, etc…),
  4. Your Table of Contents thumbnail (lastname_thumbnail.jpg),
  5. In-text, numbered citations should be used (ex. One study suggested _____ [4].)
  6. References section consists only of sources that are cited in the paper; sources numbered in the References section, and are listed in alphabetical order, AND
  7. All author information described above.


Submit your article!